Some of our Clients:



Blackie Swart Legal


Blackie Swart Legal


Professional Legal Adviser with over 30 years experience

Specializing in but not limited to:

Private, Criminal, Divorce, Contract Law, Will, Estate, Drawing Contracts

spice it up sa 600dpi

Spice it Up SA!


National Spice Wholesaler and Supplier of High Quality Branded and In-house Branded Spices.

Re-sellers, Retailers, Wholesalers, Entrepreneurs, Small / Medium Businesses Welcome.

Adonai Labels


National Supplier of Labels and Silica Desicate.

Strong footprint in 7 of the 11 Provinces of South Africa.





National Crime Intelligence Entity, with decentralized offices in various provinces.

All persons filling respective appointed positions do so on a voluntary basis

All member undergo strict vetting to ensure the safety and security of all members.

Internationally Partnered and Monitored Closely by relevant National and International Law Enforcement Heads and Governing Bodies.

Partnered with various professional organisations and businesses from Missing Persons to Disaster Management to Professional Sound Hiring.

Covering a footprint of over 80 000 active members across various platforms.

Website contains useful information, such as Live Traffic Cams, Traffic and Crime Reports etc.

Danchimex Holdings

Danchimex Holdings


Danchimex Logistics Holdings is an established company specializing in the selling of various mining commodities.

A few of our services extend from but not limited to:

Selling of Chrome, Copper, Gold, Coal, Manganese and Iron Ore (Local & Export),

Selling of Operational and Non – Operational Mines

Supplying of Bulk Fuel