Virtual Marketing is a Professional IT Service Provider, we pride ourselves in good "Old Fashioned" customer service and satisfaction 

We pride ourselves in been:

A Professional Web and Email Hosting Service Provider.

Able to provide one of the most affordable and professional online solutions for you and your company.

Registered re-sellers for web and email hosting, and thus can provide very competitive pricing when hosting with us. 

We have the experience:

We have been building websites on “free platforms” since 2006 then converting them to professional paid websites (which can cost an arm and a leg when hosting the site overseas and paying rand / dollar exchange rate), assisted in maintaining professional websites since 2007.

The server company that we are registered with as resellers, have been hosting websites since 2011 with over 2000 domains in their enterprise

Our experience allows us to build all our websites, to be user friendly on Desktop / Laptop / Tablet and Mobile Devices, no matter if you using Microsoft Windows, Android, Apple, Linux, Ubuntu, or any other platform that is supported to meet minimum web browsing requirements, defined at the time of current technological support.

We are security conscious, believing in Safety, Security & Reliability! 

If you have ever used a shared host who had your mail bounce due to the IP being blacklisted, that won’t happen with us. Our IP ranges will never be flagged for sending spam as we use MailChannels to scan ALL outbound mail for spam before mail is forwarded for delivery.

All our servers are set up in Raid10 using only the fastest Solid State Drives to give you the fastest loading times.

We are serious about security, we use Patchman to scan all WordPress Drupal and Joomla sites for vunerabilities to ensure WordPress Joomla and Drupal security holes are locked down.

We use CageFS to ensure that even if one of our shared customers signs up with malicious intent, he will be locked in to his own virtual cage, no single action of a single user will affect other shared customers. We have no noisy neighbours.

We have anti-malware scanners constantly scanning all uploaded content.

We install LetsEncrypt SSL certs FREE for all our customers, which you are welcome to upgrade to a higher enterprise SSL cert if needed.

Our DNS servers are configured to be redundant around the globe for faster propagation.

We use LiteSpeed instead of Apache for even faster website loading times.

24/7 Support

We truly support you 365 days of the year, neither Virtual Marketing nor our Server Hosting Partner Company close close for holidays, your business runs 24×7, you need a support team who cares about you, we are at your service and proudly South African.

We also offer 24/7 Online Technical Support for Laptops and Desktops!